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Here is our gift to you. These free nature relaxation videos have been created to specifically enhance the patient experience and also for the stress reduction of the caregiver. Tune in and get back in touch with nature in order to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Beautiful World
Take a springtime journey and sooth your soul with the colorful wildflowers from the Central Coast to the Eastern Sierra.
Episode # 2 of Healing Heart™ tv immerses into the beautiful artistic and spiritual ritual of Tibetan Monks building a sand mandala.
Feather on the Wind
Episode #5 of Healing Heart™ tv focuses on the simple beauty of the California wildflowers along the Central Coast including Big Sur.
True North
Episode #1 of Healing Heart™ tv explores some of the beauty that can be found on the Central Coast of California.
Yosemite Comforts You
Episode #4 of Healing Heart™ tv meanders through some of the most beautiful sites in Yosemite National Park running along the Merced River.
River of Breath
Episode # 3 of Healing Heart™ tv goes on a journey to Burney Falls California. Enjoy the flow of waterfalls and rivers.
Episode # 7 of Healing Heart™ tv takes you on a gentle journey to a countryside winter wonderland snowfall.
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