This is a call to all artists. We need YOU!

Because no one is by their side

Screen content is SO  influential on a patient’s physiology and emotional response to healing. With a conscious effort on the part of all those involved in the patient experience, we can design inspiration, engagement, and transformation. 

We  provide media content that

heals not steals.

What can you do?

We know how important your talents are to the holistic approach of healing. Filmmakers, actors, musicians, storytellers, painters, chefs, gardeners...the list is long. We want you to participate in this effort of giving people comfort and hope while they are battling alone in a hospital room. 

We are asking you to donate your talent through the visual medium. No matter if it is a 30 second message of hope from a celebrity, a three minute video of you creating art or three hours of awesome footage from a cinematographer. Your work is INSPIRING to life and you are needed.

 2 Friends 1 Cause

Gina DeGirolamo, and Penny Edmiston are long time friends that have worked in the film industry for over 30 yrs. Both are award winning filmmakers and are dedicated to transforming the patient experience and turning television screens into touch points for healing. 

How Healing Heart™ TV works

Prime Patients

Reduce stress and pain levels with relaxation videos in order for all healing modalities to take effect.

Up-level existing media content

Add fresh content to patient room televisions to supplement and support educational programs.

Improve Patient Experience

Increase the relaxation response to reduce healing time which leads to improved patient experiences.


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