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Patient Room Television Programming

When a patient is laying in a hospital bed it creates a sense of lack of control. There is no control over some of the simplest things, like going to the bathroom, eating, getting up and breathing fresh air. While most of the time they may be incapable of doing these things, not being able to do them contributes to their stress, anxiety and pain experience.   The lack of positive stimulation to the mind exacerbates the situation and causes increased cortisol levels, which reduces the body's natural ability to heal.

Healing Heart TV  provides on screen programming that promotes relaxation by taking the patient to some of the world's most beautiful locations in nature. The nature relaxation videos we provide, along with the sounds of nature, brings those healing qualities of calm to the bedside. 

Additionally,  music composed and performed by music therapists & heart-centered artists  accompany our videos in order to connect with the patient and family members on an emotional and spiritual level.

Whether you are a small 10 bed facility or multi location, 1000+ room healthcare organization, we are able to provide you with every aspect of delivering patient room programming. DVD's, on demand streaming, external hard drives and apps for Apple and Android mobile devices.

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