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Technological Nature Window

I absolutely love where I live. My home sits on top of the rolling hills of the Central Coast town of Paso Robles in California. It’s the second largest wine growing region in the United States. We have 1000’s of acres of vineyards that are dotted with majestic California Oaks, neighbors to some of the most beautiful coastline on the planet, clear blue skies with shocking pink & red sunsets and a myriad of hiking trails and a quaint downtown square with a beautiful park. I am fortunate to have my home on 2 acres that overlooks the rolling hills and I get to drive by the vineyards and oaks daily. I take walks in my rural neighborhood, hikes out to the coast and strolls around my downtown park. Needless to say nature is alive and booming all around me.

Sometimes, I don’t get to access all this beauty, especially when I was helping out my sister in the hospitals. I missed my views and exposure to nature and when I would return I felt as though my mind and heart were opened up again. When we were in the hospitals, she was fortunate enough to have a few rooms that had huge windows and expansive views. These real windows into nature certainly helped out when it felt like the walls were closing in with frightening diagnoses and procedures. As a family caregiver and her primary person, I had to be able to dig deep in my self to find the strength to keep calm, be positive, be proactive and be available at all times. I had to make decisions, not only for her medical care but also for her business that she owned. I had to be the main communicator to the rest of our family which was spread out through the US. I had to be the shoulder to cry on for her children and I had to take care of myself too.

I’ll admit that times it was difficult to keep my composure and patience, but honestly, not that often. People would say to me “You’re an angel” or “I don’t know how you are doing all you are doing” I would always respond with “ I just have to do it. It is my duty as her sister.” Her husband Dave passed away three years prior from pancreatic cancer and I was involved with his journey as well. But that’s a topic for another blog. So, I was next in line to be by her side. Her son was busy being a single father, her daughter lived out of state and was busy with a career and her children and her step-son was also living out of state. They all came when they could and helped in many ways. If you have ever had to be the primary family member to take care of a loved one, you understand the depth of the duties and the balancing act involved. If you are just beginning on the journey, understand that you will be navigating some very unfamiliar territory.

One very important aspect to remember is to connect with nature while going through these times. Hospitals are filled with some very unnatural settings, like waiting rooms, radiology labs, ICU’s. etc. It’s hard enough that the patient is unable to access nature and sometimes it may be difficult for you to be able to break away. I always recommend that you get yourself outside and connect with the sun, the fresh air, greenery and water. At times this will be an impossibility so the next best thing is for you along with your family member is to view nature videos either on the television provided or on your own laptop or mobile device. These windows into nature will bring you a sense of calm, an appreciation for what is good in the world and a connection to you higher self. All important tools on your journey.

There have been numerous studies that show while physically being in nature is the best thing you can do, the next best thing is viewing nature videos on tv or computer screens. These “technological nature” windows are real life savers when it comes to stressful situations of any kind. If nature heals then watching nature touches our internal healing system and reminds our bodies that we too are natural healers. So take a look inside the incredible world through your technological window and free your heart and mind from wherever you are by watching some of our amazing nature videos here on Healing Heart™ TV.

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