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Inspirational Media

We spend a LOT of time reading, watching & listening to so many educational and inspiring people and so should you!

When I first started this project I was going to build this site around Healing Heart™ Original Films. Then one day it hit me that you need these resources as well if you truly are going to make a difference in your healing experience.

My team and I have absorbed everything that is listed here and in full disclosure Healing Heart™ is an affiliate of some of the media we recommend. We would never endorse or sell anything that I or my team have not used and gotten results from. We want YOU to gain the tools that we know work.

Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu

A recent obsession of mine is watching Inside Quest which is an amazing interview show that takes deep dives into the question of  human performance with the understanding that our brain and consciousness is the place where all change occurs. 


Change Your Mind

Dr. Joe Dispenza

I first became aware of Dr. Joe in 2004 from the film What The Bleep Do We Know. As a neuroscientist he has incredible knowledge on the brain, yet as a true teacher he has a wonderful way of explaining how the science works through changing our thinking.


Anchor 2

Louie Schwartzberg

As a cinematographer I am always keeping my eyes open to other filmmakers that inspire and challenge me. I was so deeply impacted by this TEDx talk and film that Louie gave. It is one of my main inspirations for creating Healing Heart™ TV.


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