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Healing Heart TV being broadcast to over 3000 screens across the
Cleveland Clinic

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

Healing Heart TV is a non-profit organization that supplies, at no cost, healing and positive media content to those who are seeking meditative and holistic approaches to their healing whether it be a patient or family member, nurse or doctor.


We look to promote mental, emotional  and physical healing with positive music, messages, and video no matter age or diagnosis.

We created a non-profit organization so we can donate our Healing Heart TV app to patients and caregivers in need. Our focus is on story-driven content that allows viewers to connect and know they are not alone and can reduce anxiety and stress in a healthcare setting. 

We Transform Ordinary Patient Rooms Into

Inspirational Hubs For Healing

Your Donation can make all the difference

"Screen content is SO  influential on a patient’s physiology and emotional response to healing. With a conscious effort on the part of all those involved in the patient experience, we can design engagement, inspiration, and transformation. 

We  provide media content that

heals not steals".


Content is King: The Television as a Touch-Point of Healing

by Gina DeGirolamo

Founder, Healing Heart TV


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I can really see a difference in my

patients when they watch media content that relaxes them. Their pain levels are reduced.

Patricia Jimenez 

Physician Assistant

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Relaxation videos and music not only relaxed me but brought me such peace and that is what allowed me to help heal myself.

Joan Burge 


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Meditation has a definite effect on brain health. I have seen the physiological changes in my patients.

Dr. Amir Vokshoor


Featured video

Healing Heart tv aims to effect systemic change in the media industry, and in mass audience perceptions, through empowering and commercializing new storytellers, narratives and narrative systems by partnering with filmmakers of color, women, immigrants, youth, LGBTQ community members, or "others" of all kinds in the US and globally.


Healing Heart tv will be a platform for all marginalized voices and recognizes the importance and power of cultural confluence and premium storytelling.



Are you a creator? Would you like to join our team of artists?

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